Backwards Land

November 12, 2010
hold my hand
and jump with me
into the land
of lost things
we will fall up a rabbit hole
dance to the silence
hear the shade
creeping up the stones
as the sun revolves
around the earth
flowers will grow down
as we walk
through the burning fields
of cold
the metal's rust
turns shiny in the rain
music boxes tinkling their melodies
their mechanics all reversed
let's swim through the sky
and walk to the moon
hold my hand
and feel the music
my pulsing veins are singing
we will sunbathe
in the moonlight
sail upon a sieve
through a hurricane
silent and still
lasso a star
and keep it in a glass milk jug
like a firefly
we can laugh at the nothingness
and drink in the sweet nectar
of the rising rain
that surges up beneath our feet
returning to the sky
teddy bears will waltz around us
and we can fall asleep
upon soft downy cotton candy clouds
you will be beside me
oddest of all
you will want to be there,

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