Lost Love

November 12, 2010
Have you ever stared at someone’s head
Waiting for them to turn around
But then being disappointed when they never notice
Because all your waiting was pointless?

Have you ever been so lost
So lost you don’t know where to go?
And even when you try to find your way
You just get farther and farther from where you started?

Have you ever had your heart ripped out
Ripped out by the one you love?
Have you ever had to patch your heart
With even more pain and loss?

The day I lost you was “ever”
You were torn away without a worry or a care for me
Stolen right from the center of my heart, my soul
Lost forever in a land of lost, a land of sorrow

Lost to me you were
Lost to me forever
I hope I will earn the right to see you smile again
I hope you are happy now.

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