Cold, Black, Empty Glass

November 12, 2010
It’s like ice.
It surrounds me and it is so cold
It freezes my heart, my mind in place
Nothing moves, nothing changes
At least I don’t notice any change, any movement
The world keeps turning, time keeps ticking
But in my head, in my heart it’s frozen.
It’s all frozen like ice
Cold, black, empty glass
Glass I can’t break, can’t see through
I’m trapped but I can’t get out
Because I don’t know of anything else
I don’t know the existence of this escape route
The exit sign out of this place
I cant find it because I’m not looking
I don’t know what to look for
All I see is cold, black, empty glass
Suffocating the tears out of me
Silently sucking the life from my heart
But I don’t know
I’m not strong enough to feel anything
Anything but the cold, black emptiness
Anything but fear.

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