November 12, 2010
By Desiree12 BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
Desiree12 BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
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The wind is howling outside the door,
and it thrills me, right down to my core.
Never did I see beauty such as this,
but my eyes are now open to this bliss.
Being with the Goddess has put me this way,
and it makes me wonder on this fine day,
how beautiful everything will be in May.
When I’m outside becoming one with the Earth,
I can feel Nature’s Death and Rebirth.
This fragile system made us who we are,
and affects the lives of everyone near and far.
The wonder of the trees, plants, and stars,
and that ever eluding Mars.
The Earth has befallen many disasters,
but each time, renewed ever faster.
Only the pure ones can see,
this wondrous balance that came to be,
and only they can understand what it truly means to me.
But I can feel Mother Nature, hurting, in pain,
and for what, humankind’s personal gain?
We’ve been so selfish, all these years,
and I can feel it’s sadness, and it brings me to tears.
We need to account for the damage that has been done,
and realize that we haven’t won.
Neither Nature nor humankind will survive if we continue to treat the Earth this way,
but we will be the ones to pay.

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