Losing Faith

November 12, 2010
By Anonymous

I got the disorder of fear, the sickness of tears. Tired of crying, tired of trying. Yeah I’m smiling but within its all combining. Slowly my bleeding heart is dying. No love, no help from above. How long can I stay at rock bottom before I get ill. Beyond the help of any pill. I look up to the sky screaming why, God why me. You give me life just to take my life. I’m living in overtime without a dime. I’m running out of time. I got to shine, even of it means going through life without you by my side. I could just go and hide. But lord me and you both know I have way to much pride to just go and hide. And sin is like my kin and hell is like my pen. You know I love my kin so I guess you can say I love my sin and without my pen I am nothing so I guess you can say without hell I am nothing. Memories and dreams scattered and shattered through out my head. So numb I feel dead. Over weighed with the demons that have jumped on my back. They’re holding tight, waiting to attack.

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