When One Day Happens

November 12, 2010
By AshAsh8484 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
AshAsh8484 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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When Im with you my day starts at 6 when you text me good morning, then my day starts out wonderful.
When I text you during class, it goes more slowly then what I’m used to.
When you ask me about my day, you make me feel like you care and I smile 10 times brighter.
When you call me, my heart pounds faster, like I’m running in a race trying to win.
When we’re together, I feel like I’m on top of Mt. Everest.
When we’re apart I count down the days till I see you.
Will you come and see me every Saturday.
I hope you can take me hunting with you one day.
One day I like the sound of that it sounds like we’ll be together still.
One day, will we be saying “I Love You”
When one day happened I hope we’ll be together

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