A Broken Heart

November 12, 2010
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What is a Broken Heart:

The excruciating pulse of life in the dying.
The colored shards of a shattered china.
The torn pages of the fairy tale book.
The withering dreams in wakeful minds.
The fading sweetness of the rotting cherry.
The battered umbrella in the rainy streets.
The broken compass in an unknown lane.
The dimly glow in the abandoned campfire.
The tears of a parched and weary eye.
The ripples in a drying pond.
The lethargy in an empty mind.
The sun that sets in early dawn.
The drought in the desert oasis.
The falling bluebird from the skies.
The dying fauna in mid Spring.
The silence in the eternal song.
The drying blood on the battlefield.
The cupcake baked for far too long.
The last droplets of the leaving rain.
The crescent moon concealed behind the clouds.
The star that never shines but lives.
The colorless lilac in the forests deep.
The wrinkled petals of the youthful daisy.
The flaps of a shredded butterfly wing.
The bee’s hives without the honey.
The sparrow’s nest without the eggs.
The escaping sand through the cracked hourglass.
The darkness in the sunshine amber.
The Alice who could never climbed out The Hole.
The glass slipper that Cinderella lost forever.

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