Our Bleeding Hearts

November 15, 2010
By JmmsLady GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
JmmsLady GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
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Since I met you,
I’m no longer broken.
Since you, I’m new
You’re handsome, brave, and outspoken.

You are my passion and my choice,
You are always in my dreams
You have given me a voice,
Your life is perfect..it seems.

But I know you better
Your life has been tough.
When it rains, you only get wetter
And you think you’ve had enough.

But easy isn’t what I’d call my life,
There were just some things I couldn’t barter.
So much hate and so much strife,
For them, I couldn’t be a martyr.

And then you came along and brightened my day,
How you did, I just couldn’t say.
Of the bad, the good severely outweigh,
And to you, I can never repay.

Our days together are far and few in-between,
But those few are perfect.
You make me feel so serene
And never just like an object.

In the past, I know you’ve been hurt,
And that its hard for you to trust.
I know that I cannot comfort,
But that your love is just.

All we can do is move forward,
And hope that our pasts don’t catch up.
So far, our love hasn’t wavered,
It shall stay this way when we grow up.

And slowly, as I begin to realize,
That this is never gonna end
I can look into your eyes,
And we don’t have to pretend.

Your love is unconditional
And I call you forever mine.
You are my lovely angel,
And you are truthfully divine.

No one call tell us where to go,
Or what to say or what to do.
We will look down on them from our plateau,
And say they were wrong and so were you.

We proved them all wrong,
Just like we did before.
And I don’t know about you,
But my broken heart isn’t bleeding anymore.

The author's comments:
My amazing boyfriend is what inspired me to write this piece. We have been through tough times, but I love him just the same.

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