The Rabbit & The Rose

November 12, 2010
By KuteKat PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
KuteKat PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
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"Oh God, pray Thee, so that I can be beautiful within" - Socrates

Dear rose, I have come with a little ode,
Of the love that, deep in my heart I hold
For you and only you, ‘tis for,
And warmth it gives in time of cold.

So tender and white, you are, dear rose-
So unlike, as I suppose;
For all in red and scarlet goes-
So unlike you are to those.

But what do I hear you speak to me:
You suppose our love can never be;
Not until, and unless you can be-
Alike all those in red agree.

Although I love you, the only white,
That echoes the difference in the fields
Of red and scarlet and crimson sight;
But I shall do as your desire yields.

As you whisper and giggle to your other friends,
I retreat to the woods to think and find-
A way to gain you heart in the end,
And know the answer before the winds of time.

Well in time, I stand before your face,
And bow and kiss your lovely white;
At last, I have found the perfect way,
To give your dreams a lovely flight.

I cut my heart and its scarlet blood,
Rains a red atop your soul:
And you smile as white becomes the red,
That would make your desires whole.

As I fade away and see your smile,
I feel I’ve gained more so as yet;
To see your joy in red awhile,
My sun has risen, it had not set.

The author's comments:
To know that you have made the dreams of your lover come true,is more fulfilling than anything - even when you know that it cost you everything, and that you shall not remain to be in the love that you had always craved and finally conquered in the end.

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