The Deadly Sound

November 11, 2010
By Craig BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
Craig BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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"Bombs fall, guns go off,
Cries heard from all about.
The deadly sound inches near, the sound of death suddenly appears. Friends fall all around, I get up and I am still here. The Earth shakes, hell appears, just in time to smell this horrid fear. Loved ones cry as their spouses die just to see what can no longer be.
Across the way is the enemy, its kill him or he kills me. Once we were brothers with one loving mother, now its we lay face down next to each other.
all because of this deadly sound the sound that hurts the worst and the sound that is oh so clear.
then i look up and i am still here.
Look around upon the ground, we have won, but yet no sun.
I am mad, the mother is sad, but why we ask, did we fight this glad. Glad to win or glad to sin, either way it's still not my day.
I am still here to hear that sound, the sound that is so crisp to my ear. the sound that really grinds my gears, still you ask what is that sound?
I'll tell you, it's the sound that is near as the roar of death appears."

The author's comments:
The thought of what war is really like.. to open the thoughts to the world that it truly is a scary place.

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