Always Listne to You Heart

November 11, 2010
By Yellowsparkles BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
Yellowsparkles BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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As I look across the room
I stare into his warm inviting brown eyes
Beckoning for me to come closer
While also telling me to be careful and stay away
He is dangerous
I know I shouldn’t
But when have I ever listened to my conscience
I always try to follow my heart
As I make my way across the room
His gaze never leaves mine
As I get closer
I see his happy eyes
I see his shaggy hair
I see his toned, muscular body
And I know he is dangerous
When I am finally standing in front of him
A strong smell of clean soap
Hits me like it never has before
I avert my gaze
But when I stare at him again
The light get dimmer
The music softens
The people are moving in slow-motion
And I get this warm, fuzzy feeling all over my body
He is dangerous
But I love him

The author's comments:
I was just in the mood to write a love poem :)

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