The Horrible World

November 11, 2010
By Anonymous

As I sit on the cold hard slab of rock, the sky weeps

as I do.
As I sit there I realize the horrible things this world is
filled with.
But Although full of wonders and glorious things, behind
those things is a black horrid place.

This place is full of death and frightning things. These things hide. Oh, how they hide!
Yet I have come to know them.

As I sit there I watch the cars thunder past in their
driven fury to get to their destination.
I wonder, Oh how I wonder; do they see the world as
I do?
Or do they only see the good that hides the bad?
But I know at the end of the long and lonely road is a
A light I call heaven.
Here you can be with family and you no longer have
to deal with the horrible yet mysterious things
that have driven our nightmares since mankind
has begun.

The author's comments:
i worte this when my uncle died...

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