November 11, 2010
By oliverSyykes BRONZE, Ponoka, Other
oliverSyykes BRONZE, Ponoka, Other
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Rip my heart out, let me bleed,
You lied & i believed,
I waited while you took your time,
My every thought, you were on my mind,
I cried while you laughed,
i tried but i collapsed,
I still cant figure out why,
Why you had to lie,
Was i just wasting my time while you lied,
But now my love for you has died,
It died when i tried,
But my hate has just multiplied,
Now i dont care anymore,
You let me bleed,you let me die on the floor,
My heart is broken burnt right to the core,
Why, why did you do this to me,
I need to be set free,
but i cant succeed,
I cant see i cant breathe,
im off my knees,
i will rip your heart out and let you bleed just the way you did to me,
I loved you with everything i had,
Now im mad, but thats too damn bad,
It was all just lies,
And my heart is broken, it was stolen,
But just cut me open,
Because I was just another to you,
I knew it was never true,
My love for you is through..

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my number of broken, confused relationships.. this piece explains everything..

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