November 11, 2010
By seaturtlelove BRONZE, Applegate, California
seaturtlelove BRONZE, Applegate, California
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Favorite Quote:
Never look down on someone unless your helping them up

You feel like you’re in the dark constantly searching for a light, even just a ray of light telling you that the world is filled with more than just darkness

You feel like you’re the only person standing around a field of sleeping people wondering when they will wake up so you won’t be the last one standing on earth

You feel like you can’t get up after something has knocked you down so hard the world shook and the universe laughed at you

You feel one tear stroll down your cheek and you know that you let yourself go too far, feel too deep

And then you wonder when the hurt will stop

When the world will finally give up and crumble to ground

When you will see what no one else seems to see


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