Only One.

November 29, 2010
We only have one chance.
One time.
One love, that's mine.
I only have one star,
that shoots across the sky,
One life,
That's worth living.
One dream,
that's worth becoming real.
One is the number for so many things.
You're one person,
Not anyone else.
Got a copy right printed on your arm.
One heart,
worn on your sleeve.
One love,
that you live for.
One friend,
who needs you the most.
One life,
that you try to do everything on your bucket list,
and one town,
that you call home.
One clique that hates you,
but they don't realize,
what kind of person you really are.
One person,
that keeps in contact when they live thousands of miles away.
One song,
that keeps you dancing.
One family,
that you grow with.
One neighbor,
that's always borrow flour or sugar.
One house,
that you never want to leave.
One hero,
That you look up to,
or that fights for your country,
and even loses their life.
One toy,
you've had since you were in a crib.
One seems to be it.
So you must enjoy.
Because before you know,
That one,
may turn to zero.

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kyky said...
Nov. 29, 2010 at 11:20 pm
that is a beautifully written piece.......... you enlightend me to live my i felt like dying and now i dont! you helped!
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