I Hate You Rain

October 21, 2010
By KimB92 GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
KimB92 GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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She gazes out her dirty window,
Another day of rain.
It's heavier today than normal,
And it reminds her of the pain.

She takes a look in the mirror,
And turns away in disgust.
Things seem to have gotten clearer,
As she realizes who she has become.

She takes out a pen and sheet of paper,
Expressing herself through words as the night grows dimmer.
Wishing she would disappear into vapor,
She completes her last sentence and sighs with sorrow.

Her life seems to be going astray,
But all she can do is hope for a better tomorrow.
She loses hope and gives up as she wastes away.
She feels as if she has no future, a failure.

Alone and desperate to find love,
She's always searching but never retrieving.
Never feeling like she's good enough,
She blames herself and wonders why she even exists.

She buries her face into her arms as tears descend like razor blades.
She's never felt such strong emotions of confusion and worthlessness.
Mascara stains her once pretty, innocent face,
And all she desires is for everything, her life.. to be over.

She loses her sense of direction as she slowly begins to go insane,
And never did she once expect, years ago, that her life would end this way.
Just like Romeo and Juliet, the perfect story is ruined with poison; cocaine.
And as she consumes her life away, she whispers under her cool, dry breath, "I hate you rain."

The author's comments:
Nothing but depression inspired me to write this. I do not do cocaine by the way.

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