The Cuts

October 16, 2010
By kec678 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
kec678 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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In the morning or the night
I know something that will make troubles alright
Heading in a lonely room
With no faces that can see you do
Sit on down and lay down the arm
I’ll give you the hit as you do the harm
Strike it once and then again
Sending it flying like a drawing pen
Silhouette it horizontally, vertically, anyway you want
Feel the thrill of it all, take it in
Don’t mind the red, oh that’s okay
Sometimes you’ll bleed but that’s fine
It means you’re doing it right, I swear by it
Doesn’t it not hurt after a few
I know, what is making us do
How about I make a bracelet
A necklace for my hands, add a charm or two
On the left I prefer, it’s the one I don’t write with
How about I make one for you?
It doesn’t take long, for me about three minutes
I strike it fast and giggle it swift
It laughs on my skin and burns quite quick
Then I strike a new one, a new charm in a flick
Sister oh sister, why did I confess
Mother can’t know, she’ll think of me less
I’ve failed once, and I’ll fail again
But this drug I love, it’s the only way in
It’s a new companion, the one I adore
The less I do, then I crave more
Setting up my place for being in my wits
Then leaving as if everything were, alright
What am I to do with this grip?
What if my charms go away in a blink
What will I do, what will they think
What if I pretended to be okay
Maybe they would go away
I want to stop, I truly do
But being happy would be something new
I can’t force myself to get fixed
I want to add my charms, I want to be mixed
Something wanted me to tell them
Something wanted them to care
But now they’re down my backs
And I don’t want them there
I like my own, I like my sense
What if a revelation is shown to the ones I like less
This is so confusing, I can’t gather my words
I crave the cuts, the burns
I crave them

The author's comments:
This was written when I was overcoming a cutting disorder. I am happy to say I have recovered.

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