Don't tounch Evil

November 11, 2010
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Why does the thing I hate follow me?
Doesn’t matter where I run
Drama tends to follow

The people that hate me
Spread the evil
Many believe the lies

Speak no evil
Hear no evil
See no evil

What is your motive?
What do you gain
If you don’t stop
Then I’ll make you
Don’t underestimate me
You have no due who you’re dealing with

Speak no evil
Hear no evil
See no evil

You’re in my domain
Stop testing me
One false move and the end
You’ve got no idea
What you’ve gotten yourself into
Well I’m going to show you

You don’t know evil
I’m evil.

Speak evil, I’ll shut you up
Hear evil, not much you’ll be hearing
See evil, I’ll make you forget

Say whatever you want to say
I don’t care
You can’t touch me
And I’ll get you back
If you’re worth it

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