Falling In Love <3

November 10, 2010
By BaritoneGirl SILVER, Inman, South Carolina
BaritoneGirl SILVER, Inman, South Carolina
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Falling in love with you is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do

Cause when I fell I didn’t know if you would be there to catch me in the end

When I looked into your eyes I just knew

I would have to take anything you would lend

I’m falling in love with you and it scares me

I can’t be confused because I’m the one who fixes the problems

Being confused isn’t something I can deal with can’t you see

Your love makes me want to write these poems

I don’t like to express my feelings

It isn’t something I do on a regular basis

Your love makes me do handsprings

Falling in love with you makes me airless

The scary part is not knowing how this will end

I’ve said I love you before and before I knew it he was gone

Falling in love with you feels like a godsend

Not knowing makes me feel like a new baby fawn

If this ends I’m going to be able to walk away

I’m falling in love with you but I’ve done this before

If you hurt my heart you can just hit the highway

Then you wouldn’t be more than a heart sore

I hope that doesn’t happen because I’m wanting to say I love you

When I say it I don’t want to be hurt just like in the past

I think I’m going to try to trust you and for me that’s a breakthrough

If you hurt me you better learn how to run fast*(:

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