frightened tomorrow

November 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Sometimes we grasp the past
Hold it so tightly that we think we have the power
Sometimes we grasp the past and we think we can stop tomorrow from coming
We take our clenched fists and hold them to our hearts
Waiting for it to hold back
Hoping tomorrow will never come
That what we hold will protect us
But it wont
We will have to face the future
And the tears will stream down our faces

We have put ourselves in an ominous jail
Seeing pain as protector
Hiding from the outside world
The sun as our enemy
The camaraderie as a traitor
The fragile dance of family falling apart
We stand-alone

Others can feel our pain
But they hold it inside of them
We wear it on our sleeves so all understand
Our past was happy and our future is grim
We wear it on our sleeves in hope to scare tomorrow
In hopes we have one more day
In hopes that tomorrow will never come

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