November 10, 2010
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You made me cry
But why?
Because you made me fight
For something that wasn’t right
I died over and over just to relive it all again
And change it..
But it never did I think it was suppose to be this way
I remember planning for our future every day
And looking up at you thinking I knew this is all I wanted
Instead I got stabbed in the back and haunted
Haunted by your unrequited love
I remember when I would look up above
All the clouds
Hoping you’ll come back to me, smiling and laughing like we always did
But It never happened
And I hid
Hid away from everything just to clear my mind
And I know in time I will forget you
Even though itll be hard but Ill get thru
When you moved on I shattered
But Im happy that she makes you feel the way you do
Im happy for you
I saw your smile and I tried to think that you’ll hurt her like you hurt me
But deep down I know I really don’t agree
And I know shes happy because your great
But I never experienced so much hate
Yeahh…our days were fun
But from today my new life has just begun.

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