To check Facebook or not to check Facebook

November 10, 2010
By ravanheart BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
ravanheart BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
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To check Facebook or not to check Facebook: that is the question:
Whether to be a slave to homework
Suffering the grueling tasks imposed upon us
or to enter into a timeless sea of notifications and inboxes
morphing into changing possibilities. To check or to toil;
to cease tedious exertions. Ending devout
dedication and ties to work; if only for a joyful moment.
to check or to toil? To check would end all lingering curiosity;
having the knowledge of received notifications, who wrote on who’s wall;
but to check will consume time, which could be spent working.
To check or to toil? To be overwhelmed with baffling questions
that never end, or to be free of them? For in checking,
all hardships are gone and forgotten. But, not without knowing
that there is work to be done. Which will remain unfinished until
it is accomplished. For who can bear constant work without relief?
The driven man, the determined soul, the wishful thinker
or rather the dull individual, consumed with the pangs of rejection,
the man with no one’s wall to write on, the lonesome, the notification-less.
When he himself desires to end the continuous miserable stream homework questions
what is he to do? To carry through with a burning soul or to
find solace in a portal of pictures, walls, and status’s?
But to do so results in a fatigued understanding.
Knowingly entering into a timeless warp of content
results in coffee filled nights, but without the dread
of unrelenting misery.

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