one moment

November 10, 2010
Just one moment was all I needed
to express something to you
before I got hurt and my eyes bled
But you didn't listen to me as I had expected.

You stood there and kept talking on and on
while I stood there listening to all those blames
you were accusing me of a crime I did not even commit
not realising what those words meant to me.

Those words hurt me like a sword in my heart,
but you didn't see that pain rising me
because you were so cold and heartless
all i asked for was one moment, was it so hard to give?

That one moment could have changed your view, but then you didn't trust me and now i don't trust you
I never thought i would say this one day, but i think our life is supposed to work this way.

Although I hate you,I wish you a happy life.
I had never regretted meeting you but now the situations changed.
I hope you get everything you want, but you will never gain my trust back.

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