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November 10, 2010
By Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
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''be nice to others,everyone is fighting their own battles''
''only people who risk going far,know how far they can go''
''what have you done to make your life better?''

Just one moment was all I needed
to express something to you
before I got hurt and my eyes bled
But you didn't listen to me as I had expected.

You stood there and kept talking on and on
while I stood there listening to all those blames
you were accusing me of a crime I did not even commit
not realising what those words meant to me.

Those words hurt me like a sword in my heart,
but you didn't see that pain rising me
because you were so cold and heartless
all i asked for was one moment, was it so hard to give?

That one moment could have changed your view, but then you didn't trust me and now i don't trust you
I never thought i would say this one day, but i think our life is supposed to work this way.

Although I hate you,I wish you a happy life.
I had never regretted meeting you but now the situations changed.
I hope you get everything you want, but you will never gain my trust back.

The author's comments:
Sometimes all you need to change the whole world around you is just one moment.
If you can misunderstand someone because you mistaken a moment then you also need to give that one moment to the person who you misunderstood.

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