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November 9, 2010
By *BenT* BRONZE, Cork, Other
*BenT* BRONZE, Cork, Other
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The agony and the joy
The man becomes the boy
The boy becomes the man and man it plays just like a toy
How easily it can be shaken, rattled into amazement, it tasted
So good, joy, so much ecstasy
But what do they expect from me, increasing standards stressing me
Destroy, distressing me.
A moment has arisen through this prism like a prison
A chance to play with toys again and scream like a child, like a kid
I believe I can fly, I might just attempt it. My mind is so hectic
People running, electric
Shake the rattle, snake, I felt it. It feels good, so fucking joyful
Like a buoy full of glee, it’s not dancing can’t you see
The sea is pleasant, presently. Produce the outcome; it’s what these standards are dictating
Look at that prick waiting, frustrating how thick his coat of fur that warms his belly is
He’s gradually adhering to my way, IT PLAYS LIKE THIS
You look like you began; you haven’t changed your still a man
I’m just a boy and it still remains;
The agony and the joy
Whilst the boy becomes the man now the man becomes a boy

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