The Truman Show

November 9, 2010
By *BenT* BRONZE, Cork, Other
*BenT* BRONZE, Cork, Other
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I don’t know what you know
I’m just me there is no more
I’m just me can’t you see
I’m the star of the Truman show
I won’t actually take action, see
Cause procrastinations drastically,
Affecting us, protecting me
Reflecting trust from her to he lets
Take a trip down memory lane, let’s take a trip so fucking stained
With so much rain and wet, but yet
Must we refrain, forget the pain
Upset, insane inside my brain
With pesticides provoking trains
With pesticides provoking trains
Upset, insane inside my brain
A fucked up messed up crazy mind
With no coherence there to find
My thoughts are black my thoughts are blind
My thoughts are thought to be unkind
I think of us when we were young
I think of all our childish fun
The times when all we did was hide and seek a place where we could run
The times we had we made them mad we made them cry we made them sad
We made them laugh we made them smile we made them think that we were bad
We gave them time to reconcile their thoughts and seek some counselling
To help their ass from bouncing off the walls when they get downsome, but now son
My tea’s gone cold, I feel so old
I’m wondering why I walk alone
Why bones are brittle on their own
But all together strong and hold
And bold this thing that keeps me going
Knowing why is only showing
Me that I can stand and fight
I’m growing old, my future’s bright
I might just light the way I walk
I’ve owed so much with all my talk

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