November 9, 2010
By dear-lovely-rain BRONZE, Lynnwood, Washington
dear-lovely-rain BRONZE, Lynnwood, Washington
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The darkness swallows me up and takes me whole. It tells me secrets, it tells me lies. It comforts me and keeps me warm, like the warmth you feel from hiding under a blanket. Tells me it’s okay and to just let the darkness cover me. I close my eyes and let it.
The darkness swallows a pen next, I open my eyes and see it holding it in its dark hands and hands it to me. It tells me if I want the darkness to go away all I have to do is write…
I hesitate for a moment, the darkness keeps me warm and feeling safe, and the light, it isn’t what I want. But is the darkness really what I want??
But I write, I write stories and I write poetry, I write songs and I write gibberish because if I stay in the darkness for too long I will get lost.
I keep writing and light shows on my hands, slowly spreading across my body, its warmer then the dark, it makes me feel…tingly. I can feel my pale skin grow goose bumps with this strange feeling. With joy at the feeling, a light breeze blows my hair and the smells of different flowers fill my nose.
I keep writing and finally the darkness is going away, slowly shying away till it finally disappears and the sunlight engulfs my whole self. The sun light tells me stories and tells me truths. I'm glad I wrote what I did or I would have been lost forever.
The darkness only comes in my dreams and it will stay there, for I will always be writing.

The author's comments:
This was something that I wrote in my Creative Writing class, I just made it up as I went and it turned out better then I thought. This was also inspired from my last relationship, being the darkness and now im moving on and that being the light.

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