The World in Eight Ways

November 9, 2010
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A place to learn, a place to grow
A place to see what you know

A place where kids are forced to go
Drop out and say "So", get a job with pay so low

College bound, knowledge found
Where no one has to hound
For you to wear a cap and gown

Drop out is not ok, specially in this world today
My family needs the extra money
My mom says "Sorry Honey"

Can't wait for the day I graduate
Mom and dad oh so glad, I just think I’m that bad

Working minimum wage, with all this rage
Can't get ahead , stuck in bed

Should I go? Should I stay?
In state or out of state

Home at Burger King, doesn't make my spirit sing
Flipping burgers, mopping floors
Oh why am I so poor?
Now I see, things I want will never be

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