The World in Eight Ways

November 9, 2010

A place to learn, a place to grow
A place to see what you know

A place where kids are forced to go
Drop out and say "So", get a job with pay so low

College bound, knowledge found
Where no one has to hound
For you to wear a cap and gown

Drop out is not ok, specially in this world today
My family needs the extra money
My mom says "Sorry Honey"

Can't wait for the day I graduate
Mom and dad oh so glad, I just think I’m that bad

Working minimum wage, with all this rage
Can't get ahead , stuck in bed

Should I go? Should I stay?
In state or out of state

Home at Burger King, doesn't make my spirit sing
Flipping burgers, mopping floors
Oh why am I so poor?
Now I see, things I want will never be

The author's comments:
What inspired us to write this piece is to give two opinions of two different people, one who drops out and one who goes to college. It's true life and we're hoping that people don't drop out and keep going to school.

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