Dialect of Love

November 9, 2010
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Dialect of Love

Your voice is like a sea shell,
Scattered along the shore searching through the depths of the sand.

Your hands are like my security alarm,
Hiding in the shadows but I can still feel your presence.

Your heart is like the waves,
Tangling my feet up as I dive head first

Your hugs are like a blanket,
Securing me with warmth and safety when my unimaginably reality runs wild.

Your laughter is like the sand,
Following me home to find a trace around the house

Your kisses are like the significance of the sun,
Returning every day, brighter than the day before.

Your compassion is like the air,
Thriving on the chambers of my body.

Your courage is like a knight
Coiled ready to extrapolate your venom

Your eyes are like chocolate,
That I could indulge in forever.

Your personality is like a roller coaster ride,
Always throwing me in for a loop.

You’re the person I have been searching for to take the words out of my mouth.

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