Life Behind Bars

November 9, 2010
This life behind bars
Is the picture of days
Spent at the desk
Thinking of things to say
Does the mind turn to tar
If all of my words
Come from the streets
Instead of my heart
Paper is a waste
As is the rhyme
If I’m thinking of fame
If I’m caught up in time
I’m starting to crave
Money and power
Intimidation of the mass
Instead of loving the days
Spent outside
Or creating a flame
This life behind bars
Is the picture of years
Spent with my head down
Ashamed of my tears
Everyday I’ve done wrong
25 to life and
My parole is at death
So I turn to my mom
And in a hushed breath
I tell her the things
That I’ve dug in my heart
Never seen a jail cell
But everyday
I’m viewing life behind bars

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