You Have Slowly Become My All

November 9, 2010
You have slowly become my all.
I hear you laugh and I can’t help but laugh myself

because I know you are happy.
You smile and I have to smile because it is contagious.
You hug me and as soon as you are gone I start shaking.
I need you a part of my every day life or my days feel

You have slowly become my all.
And yet I am terrified,
You yet know my whole past.
The thought of ever losing you sends me into panic.
I would feel so lost without you, now that I found you,
You have slowly become my all.
I keep waiting for the phone to stop ringing,
The conversations to stop,
Or the trust I have in you to be lost.
And yet you continue to call and talk to me.
We can laugh and joke like best friends,
But there is one problem...
I feel like there is more to us but I am terrified to tell you.
You have slowly become my all.
I value our friendship so much,
And I’m not sure if it would be worth the risk to take

it any farther than best of friends because,
You have slowly become my all.

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kelseyg135 said...
Nov. 24, 2010 at 5:15 pm

I told you if you posted this it would be published. You're amazing hun(: One of my favoritessss:D


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