I Wish I May

November 9, 2010
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Theres city lights in the
night sky and I can't
see the stars, they're all
blacked out

Feeling all alone in the
deep black darkness
no one can hear my songs
and no one can see me

I wish for the light to return
to release me from this fear,
fear that I will never again
see your face

That I will never again hear
your sweet voice whispering
in my ear

I'm waiting for the lights to finally
turn back on and i'm waiting
for my heart to stop racing
almost hoping that it will

stop beating so that i don't have
to wait in fear and silence and

The city lights in the night
sky cast the world into
infinite blindness and I
can't see where I'm going or

where I've been waiting
for the light at the end of the
tunnel, getting closer every
second but never fast enough

The city lights have killed all
the stars and I need to see them
again, not a ray of starlight

now i can no longer
wish upon a shooting star
as it passes by unnoticed

hidden by the city lights, I
want to call out, I want to
find you, but in this horrid

blackness that smothers any
sound and prevents any movement
I would never be able to find you
so we're left waiting once again

we're left waiting for the lights to
turn off and for the stars to come out

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Eagle said...
Jan. 25, 2011 at 7:27 pm
Wow this one is great, I really like it. DFTBA
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