My kind of Guy

November 7, 2010
I dated this guy,
Not one of those guys who threw around the football,
Not one of those guys who was always behind a book,
but this guy,
Who would sometimes drive me crazy,
Because he couldn’t stop playing if there was a instrument,
But at the same time,
His songs were sweet,
Like in the middle of night,
When he had to call me up just because he had come up with something new,
But for some reason It didn’t really bother me because I knew I was the inspiration,
He said I was the reason,
The reason behind he is every note,
His every word,
So it made it okay,
Even in the middle of the night we I just had to listen,
Or on a Sunday afternoon when I could do nothing to pull him away from his piano.
And he said one day it would just be me him and his music,
And we would be living the big life,
Because he was one of those guys,
One of those dreamers,
One of those musicians.

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