November 7, 2010
Dear Lover,

I still smell the aroma you aroused,
the sweetness of your touch,
softness of your mouth,
and the magnifiscence of your heart.

Words you last spoke to me,
still fresh in my mind,
repeating everytime...
and how so kindly you tried to say them.

You had spoken slowly,
emphesizing every word,
wishing to the lord that there was some better way to say each and every word.

So I closed my eyes to make it easier for you,
shut my ears to make it easier for me and pretended not to hear, "Please forgive me."

You walked away very slowly
but I didn't open my eyes fearing I would start to cry.
All I could do was wisper, "Good-bye."

I still cry at nights,
still dream of your touch,
still reminiscent on your eyes,
and your oh so sweet goodbyes.

My lover,
My Lover,
Wherever you may be,
I always do wish,
that you're thinking of me.

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