November 7, 2010
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Yesterday passed,
today is passing,
tomorrow will pass.
A continuous, never ending, cycle.

She lays awake at night,
body feeling paralyzed.
Secrets and lies etched in her mind,
bursting at the seams.

Silent screams never heard,
hidden away under thick layers.
Masks of bravery,
while inside, she's dying.

Perfect little lines
begin appearing on her skin.
They all stare,
but no one asks a question.

She's not who you think she is.

It’s been a year, then another.
Two years.
Two horrible,


suffering years,
That she can never relive.

She's not who you think she is.

They weren’t good friends,
they weren’t good friends,
they weren’t good friends,
but it’s still hard to comprehend.

She gave them everything.



They tore her apart.

She hears the whispers.
They still linger on her skin,
flaky and dead,
haunting and visible.

Breathe in,
breathe out,
A continuous, never ending, cycle.

Rubber bands snapping,
wrist swollen and red.
Her constant reminder:
you’re never good enough.

The voices never die,
they're always there
counting the numbers,
but forgetting the math.

She's not who you think she is.

She hates herself for not eating,
why can’t she be normal?
She hates herself when she eats,
She craves the control.
A continuous,

never ending,

vicious cycle.

They pick her brain with questions
and fill their vials with her blood.
She feels worthless,
just another experiment.

She hides behind her hair,
Afraid of nature, of unpredictability,
her waves frighten her.

She's always been afraid of water.

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FunFace said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 5:09 pm
This is really good i liked the repetition, i don't really understand the last part about being afraid of water.
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