Mankind's Dilemma

November 6, 2010
Look around... Look at what you're doing. Look at who you're with, and at who you are. Every single little thing you've ever done, effected someone else. That moment. Second, day, month, week, made a ripple in the affairs of man. Now stop, and think. Who do you want to be? What effect do you want to have on the world, and do you want to make it better, or worse? This, my friends, is mankind's dilemma. You will never know who you want to be, only those around you will. You will never know what effect you want to have, because only those effected by others know that. So now, think. There is no you. You are a tiny piece of the puzzle which forms an endless path to somewhere no one has ever been. A fraction of someone else's life. You are me, I am you.

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