Catching light

November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s coming down to the wire and i feel like I’m trapped inside darkness where the only ray of light is dimming steadily. i don’t know what I’ll do when it completely fades out...i’m using others as crutch to help me get closer to the light so it can increase my vision in this darkness but, nothing seems to work. i’m running out of options. The light and my vision are becoming enclosed in this darkness. i don’t want to be trapped in the night alone. Because if i do, I will figure out another way to get out of the dark! A way that people frown over. A way that people become angry sad over. But what can i say?, where were you when I was reaching in the darkness looking for stairs into the light.Dont judge me when I find my own way out.A way that equals infinite light..

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