November 9, 2010
childhood remembrances are always a lonesome thought, if you're a teenager. you always remeber things like living in Bosque Farms with no real exposure to the big city. and if you become famous or something they never talk about how happy you were to have your big sister by you're side. And how good it felt to have a warm comforting family arms wide open for every down fall you have in life. And somehow when you talk about home it never gets across how much you understood their feelings. As the whole family attended meetings to resolve problems and even though you remeber your friends never understand your sister's pain as she fought and fought and another loving memory broken. And though you're not poor it isn't wealth that drives you and though they fought a lot it isn't your mother's forcing dsire to change the family that makes any differences but only that everybody is together and you and your family have happy birthdays and very good Christmases. And I really hope noe poor person ever has couse to write about me because they never understand. Family love is Family wealth and they'll probably talok about my hard childhood and never understand that all the while I was quite happy.

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