Tonight we Fight

November 9, 2010

Grab your sword and shield for tonight we march into battle ready for a war so bloody so vicious we fight our brothers we fight our sisters on the road to equality we have reached a roadblock we must strike down people who would dare question our equality I lead the march straight to that great white door first we use our minds then our brain one way or the other today will be the last day he is better then me tonight I fight till the last woman stands till the last man falls tonight I fight for equality on behalf of the silenced the hiding and the faithful who they've pushed aside for tonight I march to battle carrying a sword of the people and the word of god

The author's comments:
Growing up i was often taught being a member of the lbgt community was wrong. But now realizing that i am a member of that community.That we as country have to fight for every last person to have equal rights!!!!

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