It's Nothing, It Just Means Everything

November 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm the type of girl
Who is broken on the inside
Who knows the answer
But not the question
The one who is able
To look you in the eyes
And tell you a million lies
The girl they want you to avoid
Because they don't understand
Who I am, but I don't know
The truth because it refuses to show
Your pretty face
Your starlight glow
You are so perfect
But you'd never say so
In denial because trust is broken
Lost in hate because love is foreign
Like a language you wish you could speak
But you don't care enough to learn
To find out who you are
You could try but you won't work that hard
To find your place
I haven't found mine
It's taking to long
I don't want to waste my time
Like I do every day
Because I can't do anything right
Or so I've been told
Like a baby I wouldn't know
Who to believe
Who to deceive
If you let me live
I'll let you breathe

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