Broken Ties

November 7, 2010
By Mr.OHIO GOLD, Bosque Farms, New Mexico
Mr.OHIO GOLD, Bosque Farms, New Mexico
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Staring at the casket
You want to flit away
Put on the infamous mask
And pretend everything's ok

You feel the sadness upon you
It's devouring your broken heart
The grief douses your internal fire
The pain-ridden sobbing begins to start.

Wondering why it had to be him
Your soul solidifies with hate
The depression begins to envelope you
And your vision is less than straight

They say they're sorry for your loss
But can they feel the strain?
He was someone you always looked to
When the sun felt like rain.

All the stories he ever told
The ones that made you grin
Broken, gone,shattered and dead
The tortoise will never win.

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