Fireflies and out of Disguise

November 7, 2010
By Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
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The fireflies prepare to say their last goodbye as the sunset fades away
The sky goes from pink to purple to a deep, deep, black
The first one lights up ready to start the show but quickly fades abroad waiting for other children to gather
I sit down on the wet dewy grass ready for it to start, my eyes open
And as if on cue they all take light, they scatter far across the yard
I watch in wonder though i'm 13 i cannot help it the jack-o-lantern glow seems to succumb over me
They dance from one corner to the next, as if in a game of tag that never ends
One lands on my shoulder and sits so quietly, I can take it no longer, I jump up in a quick fashion
They keep calling my name as i give into their game, I chase them from one corner to the next,
My bare feet grow wet from the dew and slightly green, but thats the last thing i notice as they dart in front of my face
I swing up an arm but its a failed attempt they just flutter faster, knowing this will just drive my competition harder
I leap across the yard with the least bit of elagance struggling to keep up with the one i want
My arm comes up and i cup my hands, i feel it wiggling inside, Success!
I open my palms to see my catch, but he escapes after a quick glance
I watch him fly off and his light twinkles as if a wink
And I wink back he's gotten me to play his game, to escape from being 13 at least for one night,
I laugh back in a childish way my arms coming up over my head to catch the next little lighter,
Who knows how long I'll let this child show a night, a month, a year...

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