A Bee's Dance

November 7, 2010
By Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
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The Glories rain brings
Showers of Life in midst a drought
The relaxing pitter-patter on your window

But the most extraordinary things about rain
Are after the showers

The Bee's dont much enjoy the puddles the little girls jump in
Or the mud pies the little boys make
They like the sunshine
On which the flowers bloom

But go outside after the rain is done
Sit patiently by the rim of the garden
And watch the bee's awake

They hide beneath the leaves of the autumn joy sedum
Where they awake from their naps

First they move their legs
All their legs
Then shake the water off their wings
Groom the wet parts of there backs
And lastly there faces

They move their legs and start to walk from below to above
They sip the nectar at each bud
And greet those other bees whose trot has just begun

The most extraordinary things are the little things
Everyone looks past
So next Summer when the Earth is showered in rain
Go and watch the bee's awake.

The author's comments:
What an extraordinary thing it is to watch a bee shake dry, i do reccomend you see for yourself, The glories of nature.

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