November 8, 2010
Everything that you say, everything that you do, everything that you think effects me, more then you think and even if I don’t always show you that I care, I think you should know that I really, really do, I love you so much more then you could ever realize, when you say you hate me I can feel more and more of my heart dieing, I don’t think you know that when you say mean things to me a little more of me dies with your words, whenever I see you I know that I should just go up to you and tell you how I feel but then I think about when you tell me you hate me and I know that it would only hurt me more then keeping it bottled up inside, my heart beats for you and if you ever left me I think it would stop beating, no scratch that I KNOW it would stop beating, I hate it when you think so little of yourself, your special… to me more then to anyone else, I want you to know that no matter what you say, what you do, or what you think will never stop me from loving you, you are my life, you are my day and night, you are my air, you are my heart and I need all of those to live so don’t go anywhere or I won’t have a life, a day or a night, I won’t have air and I won’t have a heart to keep me alive so I would die, I love you.

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