November 8, 2010
By Mr.OHIO GOLD, Bosque Farms, New Mexico
Mr.OHIO GOLD, Bosque Farms, New Mexico
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Poems I like to write
Do you consider that wrong?
I write what I feel
Am I less than strong?

I'm a guy with sense
I don't use fists
I'd rather write a prose
With mind boggling twists

Call me what you want
I'll never retort
Your opinions of me
I'll never extort

Take away the veil
You conceive when you're blind
All the assertions made
Realize your mind is confined

I'd say sorry for writing
But it's not your choice
Keeping away from insults and screams
This is how you hear my voice

I'll never be a recluse
Nor will I grab attention
A hole I crawled from
My resisted ascension.

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