to weep or not to weep

November 8, 2010
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To weep or not to weep that is the question
Whether it’s nobler to hold thy tears or to let it rain
For if the rain may fall I seem weak to all
They act like they care swarming me, caressing me,
Saying the end is near but do they really care?
Shame it brings to me while you hold me in your careless embrace
Dost thou not know what have done to thy soul?
So free it feels but trapped in your lifeless arms
Warm upon my face, buried in a shoulder
The water never seems to stop its flow
Whether in anger or of sorrow the faucet never ceases to drip

For if I were to plug that drip with a arid towel
My soul will forever be in sorrow, Full of unquenched tears
Forever rapped in chains sealed with a cracking heart, never satisfied
As the Damn overflows with my sorrow never knowing when it will burst
Scaring my heart with its cracks of truth and of lies
I will never be fine and truly happy if I hold thy waterfall
So majestic and tropical it may be giving water where ever it is needed
Though I can not bare the shame as you look upon my breaking shell
Take thy pillow and thy blankets wash its stain away
Soak in a shower of rain but I will keep it contained
For shame, for shame let the rain fall but only slightly
Drain the water but never empty thy true and painful tears
Concealed, collected, masked with cracks upon thy heart
For Shame, For Shame

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