Forgotten Journey

November 9, 2010
shadows upon the paths of a forgotten journey
footsteps embedded upon the soil, a ground that
was once the home of the lost
home of the star-crossed lovers
home of the ancient
home of the migrants
searching for that sacred land,
a haven for their dignified souls
too battered, tossed, torn,
and shattered by the loss of hope.
my footsteps to intrude upon this ground
once visited by echos of loneliness
though i do not want to disturb this
painful tranquility that lay dormant
upon this land in her eternal sleep
too fatigued by the once passionate battle
against the the foreigner
where only sounds from the battle were carried
to the night
her cries muffled
her tears stifled
until triumph came in meaningless elegance
where the only traces of that carcass can
grasp memories of the forgotten battle.
soft winds brush through the branches
silence still lingers.

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