I Speed Through Skies

November 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I. We wear ourselves in photographs of sunflowers faded in ocean foam; each frame a minute stopped in time. Dancing to the left but the Earth spins faster- everyone is watching but nobody cares. And the words spill out to rush beyond their meaning.

II. Coffee beans and cola cans and things that make your heart beat faster; slipping beneath wooden cracks that run away. Take a moment until it's passed.

III. I speed through skies to paint the night in light that might escape me. She worries I'll tear through the canvas, breaking time as it falls away.

IV. Cells of life and flying music are woven quickly by shaky hands- forming puzzles in an instant. But I'm still a little less, the piece that's still asleep.

V. Scarlet wind throbs through dirty streets in the cluttered mind of morning. A race without breathing, blind to the present's gift. Future waits- so take my hand and leap slower.

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