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November 8, 2010
By Reconciliar DIAMOND, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Reconciliar DIAMOND, Pembroke Pines, Florida
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"love is love"
"You can't have a happy ending without a tragic begining, but the best part of the story is the middle."
"Great men fall in the fire it is the honor lesser men to light the flames no matter the cost"

I’m so confused
I know this feeling all too well
But I have no idea what going on
You won’t tell me
I tired of this always happening
Why is it when something goo happens to me
Something horrid follows?
It’s hard to breathe
My heart is racing
What’s going to happen?
I know you’re upset
I am too
You say you don’t want to waste your time
Well nothing is stopping you
I can’t cry
They don’t know
I have hide my tears
Be strong but I cant
I miss those simple times
When no one got hurt
Before the heart breaks
But now I’m dealing with you
I just hate current events

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