My Ghost

November 8, 2010
By , zimmerman, MN
Spinning, spinning in my head.
Voices say I should be dead.
Block my ears; play music loud.
Thoughts keep spinning in my dark cloud
That is my mind and I can’t see
Through the haze to who I’d be
If the voices in my head weren’t there.
I’d be laid open - completely bare
To show you my hurt, sadness, and pain.
I’ve done so much, but made little to gain
Your affection and love that I crave
But all you do is rant and rave
At me and all that I do wrong.
You fail to hear my heart’s sad song.
It is your voice inside my head,
Telling me I should be dead
So that you no longer have to see
All the mistakes that were made by me.
Your words cut me down and leave me broken
Each time that I have spoken
My own thoughts and needs from you.
But each time they just pass through
Your mind and never leave a trace
They come in last in this mind-race
Competing for your affection and care.
But you don’t even know they’re there.
In the back of your mind they stay,
Slowly fading, fading away.
Just like me
Though you won’t see
All the pain and hurt and strife
That makes me want to end my life.

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