Love Me

November 8, 2010
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A petal fallen for every mistake I’ve made.
A petal fallen for every wrong I’ve done.

A petal fallen for every glass I’ve shattered.
A petal fallen for every unknown hazard.

A petal fallen for what’s to come.
A petal fallen for my future wrongs.

Naturally I’ve made mistakes,
And granted I’ll make plenty more.

But that’s my entire existence.
I make mistakes.
I make more mistakes.
I make a gazillion more mistakes.

The mistakes I’ve made have put me where I am today.
And the mistakes I’ve made where yesterday’s.

But soon the petals will grow again, with strength and mass
Until one petal collapses
Reeling me back to my foundation.

I’ll make my mistakes my way,
And even at times they may be fun.
But my challenge is to learn,
So when a new petal falls, that petal will avail me.

And if you are fortunate to foresee what’s concealed behind the bush of petals,
You’ll find I’m more vulnerable and weak.

My flaws are all over.
But that’s just the thing,
Don’t love me for what’s easy to love,
Love me for it all.

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hopeIShere said...
Nov. 23, 2010 at 7:50 pm
wow...guess i have a lot of petals..this holds so much emotiion, really loved it :D
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